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When asked about “love” she defines “loss.” 

She is the type of girl that motivates everyone else to follow their dreams while seemingly letting hers drift slowly away. She is the girl with infinite amounts of love to give while she struggles to receive it. She is the type of girl when asked about love she defines loss. 

For her there was no loving things at the moment, it had to be gone before she realized it was love. The pain that she felt after it was over is what she had grown to define as love. Unfortunately for her, this meant that love had to mean loss and eventually she grew to resent love. 

Although she was broken she had potential. She had all the capacity to change the world. She uses her sad eyes and countless adventures as a safe haven from the real world because the idea of not achieving her dreams scares her.

She feels like she’s alone and doesn’t realize that there are people just like her who were born into a life of pain, that would eventually heal, and then be overcome with guilt and followed by grief because it just wasn’t acceptable to not feel pain. I know because I was once that girl.

She doesn’t realize that she’s achieving her dreams. She plants the seeds that allow others to follow their dreams. Then she sends those people out into the world and they plant those seeds for another. Person by person she is slowly changing the world.

So to that girl and others like her, you are the missing piece in everyone’s life. Without you, nothing is ever truly complete. You allow me to feel seen and be seen. You allow me to be the person that I’ve always wanted to be, long before I even knew you existed. You are the keeper of smiles, the keeper of memories, and all things great. Everything that I am and everything that I will be is because of you.


Published by Kayleigh

Social justice advocate, part time bakery owner & full-time dreamer.

2 thoughts on “Keeper

  1. I really liked this! Love and loss can get so tangled it’s difficult to identify and accept one without the other. Thank you for sharing

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