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One million and one dreams

Every now and again I get into one of those moods where I just want to dream and I am thankful for the friends that I have acquired over the years who in enable me to dream. With that being said, I have copiuous amounts of dreams and in a perfect world all of my dreams would come true.

In a perfect world me and my current boyfriend would get married, pack up and move to some quiet little suburb of Atlanta with a perfectly decorated house, have two boys and one daughter and I would be working as a social worker at the Department of Juvenile Justice while pursuing a law degree and co-owing a bakery with my best friend.

I don’t even remember when I began to dream so big. Perhaps it was because when I was younger, I was extremely blessed to have parents who would support my every dream. In fact my first dream was to have my own nail salon because I was 7 and enjoyed getting my nails done. I called it “Kayleigh’s Dazzling Nail Salon” and both my parents and grandparents would come into my nail salon and let me do their nails and pay me real money. I know I was 7 years old and was making 40$ giving the worlds most terrible mani pedi’s. I even recently tried to attempt this dream again during quarantine and lets just say I’ve gotten no better.

Years later down the road when I was 10 I decided that it was my dream to be a life guard… but I couldn’t even swim. I know, I was perhaps the most irrational 10 year old ever but i had parents as enablers and they enabled me to dream, and dream big. Therfore my mom searched day in and day out for swim lessons and she finnaly found some a couple counties over. She would drive me to swim lessons at 7 am every morning and stay there with me till around noon. Eventually, I got good. Good enough to start training to be a lifegaurd then I realized i had to be at least 16 to be a life gaurd and my 12 year old self was not capable of thinking that far into the future so I let the dream go. However, I still pride myself on the growth that i had during those times and still absoluely love swimming to this day.

Then there came a time period from around 12 up until about last year where I simply forgot to dream. I don’t know if it was because I became to busy or I simply just lost hope but I became so lost. I didn’t really know what I wanted from life because I had changed so drastically. I lost a lot of high school friends and started to drift into my own little world. I started to feel like a child who wanted to do everything, while doing nothing at all.

My dreams have become part of my character. I am not me without my dreams, even the seemingly unrealistic dreams that I may have. I am a supporter of dreams.


Published by Kayleigh

Social justice advocate, part time bakery owner & full-time dreamer.

3 thoughts on “One million and one dreams

  1. Such a great, touching post! It always seems so easy to dream big when your younger, but as you get older and life kicks in we become more “adult like” and “realistic” about our dreams. But I think there’s a spark in everyone that never dies out and we need that spark to keep dreaming and moving onto the next level in our lives

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