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Our Adventures: Exploding Cars

I have been sitting here, staring at my computer, trying to write. I have so many ideas but not enough time. Here at Expression of My Life Kayleigh and I produce six posts a week. I am working three jobs and trying to get nursing school in order. This is my last year. Which means lots of paperwork. Kayleigh has been doing a bunch of projects and becoming the incredible person I always knew she would be. I have never been prouder of myself, and I continue to have the utmost respect for Kayleigh and her work ethics. I won’t get into specifics for her own privacy. However, we still try our hardest to make six posts we can be proud of a week. Sadly, this produces its own set of issues. Hence why I have been staring at a blank screen for the last four hours. I have no idea what else to write about. No, scratch that. I do not have time to fully develop the thoughts I want to put onto paper. Instead, I am just reminiscing on all the memories I have created with Kayleigh since I met her. Memories I want to share with everyone I can. Memories I hope to never lose. Recently we had one adventure that will go down in the books. One that I truly believe needs to be shared.

Four years ago, I bought a Honda CRV from 2003. It cost me about $4,000. To this day, I have probably put $5,000 into the car. She has a lot of problems. Her previous owners had to have severely pissed someone off. When I got her, she had been keyed all along the front door to the trunk. Two of her locks do not work with the key fob. If I want those doors open, I have to unlock them from the inside. I swear she has to have a gas leak because no car should use gas that fasts. But I love her, and at the time, she was all I could afford. I have steadily put over 100,000 miles in her. She has been my constant comfort for years now. Flash forward to a few days ago. I noticed while waiting for my physical for nursing school that my AC broke. It was about 80 degrees outside. A few years back, and this would not have mattered to me at all. But after having spent the last three years in the mountains, the heat and I were not friends. My knees were sweating. It was gross. I was gross.

Everyone I knew was busy, so I had to suck it up and wait in my overheated car for an hour. Once done, I drove to Kayleigh’s place and dragged her on some insignificant adventure. Before we even left her main street, I decided to call my uncle, he has been a mechanic for the last 16 years of his life. I filled him in on what was occurring with my car. As I was trying to figure out how much this would cost me, Kayleigh leaned over and noticed my car had severely overheated. I flew into panic mode. My uncle began telling me to turn off my car. Kayleigh noted she could smell a burning smell. Which for the last two months, I had believed it was just my tires. Yes. I thought my tires smelted like burning. No, they are not new. No, I never thought I should get it checked out. No, I never considered changing my driving habits. Yes. Yes, I am dumb.

I drove over to my local mechanic shop, where I was informed they would not be able to even look at my car until Monday. It was Saturday. The mechanic made sure to tell me as many times as he could to not drive my car. He said if I had to drive, turn it off at every stoplight, and so on. He repeated himself so much the lady in line behind us started to joke about it to us.

So once again, Kayleigh and I had to hope on the verge of exploding car and drove somewhere else. We had the AC off and all the windows open. I was driving as slow as I could to be safe and not disrupt traffic too much. The whole time Kayleigh is laughing at me and calling me a dumba**. We make it to the dealership where once again, I was informed they could not see it today. They did tell me I could drop the car off now, and they would look at it tomorrow morning. As we walked out, the lady who spoke to us came running out as fast as possible. I thought maybe she found a way to fit me in for the day. Instead, she just told me not to drive. She said if I had to drive to turn off the AC. She then informed me that if the car was getting too hot too fast, I could turn the heat on full blast. This would pull the heat from the engine. At this point, I had three different mechanics yell at me not to drive.

That is just what we did. We chose to not drive anymore. But first, we needed to get Kayleigh’s car so we can move my stuff out of my car and have a way to get around town. Only problem…her car was at her place. Instead of calling one of our other friends, we both decided to walk back to her home. It was only like a mile or so. Not terrible. Expect only two minutes into our walk, rain started pouring down. The roads began to flood. It was bad. We were slipping off the barely existing sidewalks. At one point, we ran out of sidewalk and walked in the grass or on the main road itself. During our journey home, we were catcalled five times… yet no one offered to help. For reference, Kayleigh and I currently live in a very southern town where hospitality is said to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. If I could eye-roll in this, I would.

Anyhow, at one point, Kayleigh got infuriated with her shoes and decided to take them off. Welp a few more minutes into the walk, and I hear Kayleigh scream that she lost her shoe. Just one. She wanted to give up and just go home. I said, “NOPE.” They were brand new shoes. Shoes that honestly cost a good amount of money. We turned right around and walked all the way back to her shoe. We found it lying on the road where cars were swerving to avoid it (it was at an entrance, not the main road). Only to turn around and walk all the way back to her place. I fell in every single puddle I could. The ran never let up. It was bad. Finally, after walking for what felt like forever, we made it to Kayleigh’s place. We walked in, toweled off, looked outside…and…the rain had stopped. Yep. The sky started clearing out again. The world just wanted to cry during our walk home. Mocking us, and yes, it was sunny for the rest of the day.

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Emergency Room Nurse spends too much time thinking, reflecting, and over-analyzing every detail of life. Hoping to one day figure it all out.

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