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I Regret to Inform you…Change is Coming

When I was 7 years old I was, and still am, naive enough to think that I can change the world. I know it seems silly but it’s true.

My parents were too busy helping me to achieve my more feasible dreams and goals and I didn’t want to lay another aspiration on them so I kept my dream silently to myself. I always had high hopes of coming back to them once I had figured out how to change the world. It’s been 13 years, I am one parent down, and I have yet to craft this master plan that a 7-year-old me knew was possible. 

Over the years I have lost hope in both myself and society. Sometimes I still question if this world is capable of being saved. There are so many problems that sometimes I don’t think I’m as qualified as a 7-year-old me thought to handle such a big task. I always knew that this wasn’t a task that I could handle by myself and that it would take bringing together thousands, maybe even millions of people to change the world. 

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of time to drown myself in my thoughts. It came to me. Everyone who’s ever changed the world didn’t just wake up and change the world. It’s impossible to think that I could change the world effortlessly. People who change the world wake up every morning and give it there all. They don’t settle for mediocracy. When it comes to changing the world you either give 0% or 100% there is no in-between. 

For the longest time, I grew comfortable being stagnant and afraid to provoke change. That old me no longer exists. It may not happen in a year or two but one day I’ll make the list of people who have changed the world for the better. 


Published by Kayleigh

Social justice advocate, part time bakery owner & full-time dreamer.

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